Monday, June 1, 2015

Money Pit Monday: Green Thumbs

Andrew and I were Hercules, Superman, and Wonder woman all at the same time on Saturday. We rocked our house day and spent 9 hours of blissful productivity bringing this place closer to the "finished product" (btw…does anyone ever FINISH a house or is that just some dream they put in brochures and real estate magazines?!?).

House days for us can go one of two ways. Thankfully, this Saturday we worked together like champs - no bickering, no meltdowns, no big surprises. These kind of days make house work on a beautiful Saturday not only tolerable, but down right enjoyable.

Just a few weeks back we had given up the dream of a beautiful raised garden with lush, green vegetables. It was just not on the priority list. We were running out of time. Stress was mounting. The bathroom was gutted.

And then, out of the chaos and "unattainable", we got motivated. We switched priorities. We found the perfect window in time. We cleared out, found space, and made use of some free wood.  In a matter of 2 hours we had a nicely raked, raised garden bed.

First stop on the Saturday morning rounds was the landscaping supply store.  We loaded up 2 yards of 1/2 compost, 1/2 loam.  The only way I knew this was from a gardening guru friend who has paved the way for my newest, most ambitious hobby.  In no way do I even know what loam is, but that's beside the point, we have it in our raised bed and supposedly it will be good for my plants.

After a morning of shoveling, sweating and earning my "green thumb", we had 2 new flower beds, a window box, and some plants sprouting from our raised garden bed. I finally understood what all the fuss is about. Why people garden…why they find peace & joy in working in the dirt…why I am encouraged to try and keep something other than myself, alive.  I am hooked.

I earned my gardening badge, next up was the waste pipe.  

I don't know whether I found it comforting that Andrew bought a book on how to install piping or not. When you are installing the poop pipes, you kind of want to make 110% sure that everything goes as planned.  This had me nervous. Again, it all could have gone one of two ways.

If you don't count me breaking Andrew's thumb while shoving the pipe through the roof and almost causing him to fall off the ladder, everything miraculously went as planned...Just continuing the reno memories...

A few hours later, we had a new 19 foot PVC waste pipe from the rooftop all the way down to the basement. I can now add installing poop pipes to my resume. My parents should be so proud:) 

That about rounds out Money Pit Monday this week. Next week's riveting Saturday plans involve more piping, maybe some wiring, and installation of the new exhaust fan. Big stuff people, stay tuned! 

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