Tuesday, May 9, 2017


A few weeks ago we packed up those duffels again and took a short flight from JFK to Bermuda. We stepped off that tarmac and I swear I felt this giant weight lifted off my shoulders. The cool breeze and the blue sky meeting those turquoise waters was such a sweet reminder of the good things in life.  This vacation has been the light at the end of a very long winter tunnel. We were so grateful to our friends Ryan and Whitney for planning a wedding in Bermuda AND inviting us to join in their celebration! 

We splurged and stayed at the beautiful Princess Hamilton Hotel, right in the center of the city of Hamilton, with beautiful pools and views of the marina & bay.  Most of the wedding festivities were at the hotel, so we spent a lot of time enjoying those views and exploring the city of Hamilton. Lots of beautiful shops, old churches, antique doors and hidden parks/gardens - the most pristine island I've been on besides St. Barts. 

We also spent quite a bit of time exploring via the local bus and ferry system (which is a SUPER easy and inexpensive way to get around). The day of the wedding we took the bus down along the southern coast and saw stretches of their famous pink sand beaches; we scaled Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and were rewarded with a birds eye view of the whole island; and we watched as the America's Cup, team Oracle, "rigged" up for practice and left the harbor at the Royal Dockyard. It was just enough time to take in all the sites before we hopped on the ferry to go back for the wedding! 

Our final day in Bermuda just so happened to be my 31st birthday! My birthday = my day to choose the adventure. I chose to take the bus to the north end of the island and man were we rewarded with some stunning views, impressive forts, pristine nature conservations, AND the famous Swizzle Inn (swagger out). Favorite part of the day: riding the bus with all the local school kids and hearing them squeal and giggle. You don't get that experience by sitting at the pool or riding in a taxi! 

I think its safe to say that we will be back to Bermuda. As they all say, it truly was "Bermudaful". 

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