Andrew and I had our first date on July 21, 2011 in Nantucket.  I had just arrived in Nantucket the month prior and was working as a sailing instructor at a swanky yacht club. Andrew just so happened to be the captain of one of THE most beautiful wooden boats ever built, which also conveniently was owned by one of the yacht club members and spent the summer in Nantucket.  

A few days prior to our date, I asked my boss who the cute guy was who was always walking around the docks and lawn of the club.  She gasped and dramatically replied, "Ohh, Andrew?! He has a huge crush on you!!".  And so it ensued that I had been left in the dark on this one for a few weeks. The launch driver Laura was also in on it and gave Andrew my number as soon as I mentioned it.  Andrew called me up that afternoon and we went on our first date to Slip 14 a few nights later. 

The rest is history. 

Fast forward to today - We are still as much in love today as that first date in Nantucket, with a few more land and sea miles together. In three years we have traveled to France, sailed and lived in the British Virgin Islands, started AC Grayling and Maria Burton Photography, bought our house, and recently got married on September 19, 2014!

Read our wedding story here! 

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