Hi y'all.  Welcome to my little spot in the blogging world!

I am Maria (pronounced "Mariah") and this is my story of living in duffles & drawers.

My husband and I call the charming seaside town of Tiverton, Rhode Island home. We love the sea, our home and this little spot on the map. I am slowly becoming a New Englander - all of a sudden I crave a rainy day, know what a cord of wood is, and think antiquing is a sport. My Southern roots run deep though as I called Richmond, Virginia home for over 20 years.  I cannot imagine life without sweet tea, monograms, and using y'all in every sentence. I'm bringing the south to the north these days!

I spent 6 years traveling the globe after graduating from James Madison University (Go Dukes!). I backpacked through Australia, sailed the Greek Islands, drove the Irish countryside, and most recently called the British Virgin Islands home. I spent 7 summers working for Sail Caribbean and 2 years working as a charter boat captain in the BVI. Whew, it was a whirlwind!

In 2011, while working as a sailing instructor in Nantucket, I met the love of my life (story here) and slowly made the move to New England. 

Neither Andrew nor I owned drawers until 2 years ago when we purchased our home.  We both had been content living out of duffles and using other people's drawers. But after awhile, lugging around belongings in duffles lost its luster, and we both grew anxious for a place to hang our hats.  A place to call our own and feel a bit more grounded.

In 2013 we bought this dreamy fixer-upper and the day we held that "Sold" sign, we thought we'd hit the jackpot! We are working hard these days to renovate & restore this charmer.

In 2014 we tied the knot in Newport, Rhode Island and started our life as Mr. and Mrs. Story Here. 

If you ask me who I am today, I'd say I'm still figuring it out. But I do know a few things I do love and a few things I don't.

I am an absolute over-achiever, type A, ADD (self-diagnosed) strong willed woman; I can usually be seen with a camera in hand and trying to get people together to capture the moment; I have a slight obsession with getting things on sale or free…really, who doesn't love a good deal? I am a true kid at heart and still find cotton candy, slip 'n slides & Disney movies the absolute best. My culinary skills are a work in progress but I am far from my days of consistently setting off the smoke alarm; I think that all things should be monogrammed, and yes, even your underwear;  and I love all things to do with travel, my husband, reading a good book, and the sea.

This is my place to share our home improvements & renovations, gluten free recipes, home decor ideas, travel advice and all the in betweens. I hope that you will join me on my journey from duffles to drawers.

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