My loving godmother Marie encouraged me from a young age to take photographs and write down my memories in a journal.  I took her words of wisdom to heart and have been snapping photos ever since! After 10 years in the yachting industry, I have decided to switch gears a bit and pursue my love of photography.  I am craving more stability and time on land.

I am a mostly self taught photographer, with a few formal classes here and there, and am always learning at every shoot.  I find that natural light and unique composition are my go-to.  My passion is creating images that portray joy, curiosity and genuine personalities.  I could not be more thankful for beautiful and willing clients who push me to create the best images possible.

Follow me on my Maria Burton Photography Blog to see what I have been photographing.  My main  focus these days is on photographing weddings, children, families and sailing events.

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