Monday, May 12, 2014


Well folks, in just a matter of days we will have lived in Tiverton, Rhode Island for a YEAR! May 17th  marks the anniversary of closing and moving into this little gem. Although its had its ups and downs and deep pockets, we are so grateful to call this place home. I know I am grateful for a place to call our own, and it will mean even more once we share the same name in less than four months! It has been a lot of work (and still is!) but worth the effort. It is a team effort and although I think its hard to admit, we will be sad when its "done" (are houses ever done?!)

We can also now say that 4 months after gutting the upstairs bedroom and office, we have completed that project!! Here is the reveal (well, some of it, the rest will come in June when things are more moved in!)…



Landscaping is another task we can check off the list - or at least for the front. This massive, ugly pine tree blocked the whole view of our house and was threatening to choke off the power lines. You know its a small town when the landscaper who came to cut it down grew up in our house and his dad planted that tree when he was a kid!!



In the 3 hours since its been down, almost all the neighbors on the street have stopped by to say how great it looks. Its amazing now to notice how crappy everything looks on the front when its wide open:)

Oh, and check out the new sweet grill that my godmother gave us as a wedding gift…LOVE. We put this to good use Saturday night with a BBQ, some beer and bocce ball in the backyard! Thanks to Andrew for leveling it off and building the perfect platform for it and Cousin Margaret & Ted for the gift that keeps on giving. Absolute score.

And so the next three weeks have a lot of work in store. I am off to the BVI to work (or "work" as Andrew says) while I leave Andrew with a cupboard full of boxed mac & cheese and cans of ravioli. His goal is to gut the guest room back to studs and do it all over again - new windows, remove midget window, insulate, sheetrock, resize closet, etc etc etc. And in that, also finish the hallway walls and ceiling.

Luckily we hired a plaster team to come in and skim coat the downstairs walls this week so that the walls are ready for the paint department (ME:) when I return the 2nd of June.

It will be a busy busy 3 weeks at Middle Ave. Don't worry, Andrew has promised to document the whole thing while I am away and get all the dirty work done:)

Happy House-aversary Middle Ave!!
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