Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Adventures in Maine

We packed up our duffles last week, put the kitchen renovations on hold, and headed to the land of lobsters, wooden boats, and moose.  Andrew and I got the chance to sail in the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta for the better part of a week. The ERR has been an annual tradition for Andrew now for 16 years! I have only been able to go up once in 5 years and I was so grateful to have a break in my work to escape and be out on the water. The race is a feeder race where you sail from one port to another. It starts out in the quaint town of Castine, Maine, home of my in-laws and Maine Maritime Academy. Then we sail to Camden, one of the most charming, classic, and beautiful New England town. And finally we spend 2 nights in Brooklin, Maine at the famous Wooden Boat School.

It was 5 days of limited cell service, camping out, beautiful sunsets, gorgeous classic yachts, and time away from reality. IE. Heaven. As Andrew said on the ride home, I was very present for the first time in awhile. I couldn't have agreed more. I find it increasingly tough these days to be entirely present in life - between social media, work, and all the other distractions, its easy for me to lose focus. I guess it's the world we live in. So for me, this time was precious. It was time for Andrew and I to spend quality time with each other, and refocus on our marriage, while also spending time doing the thing that brought us together - sailing.

Even though I feel like a camera has been in my hand every day of this summer, with 8 weddings and 20+ family sessions so far, I was determined to capture this time away for myself. I think you can tell from these photos that this trip to Maine was anything but ordinary.

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