Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Before & Afters: Two Years In

Last week on "Money Pit Monday" we celebrated 730 days in our house! An epic milestone for two mermaids turned landlubbers. A space in time to be acknowledged, pondered, and celebrated.  

Turns out, neither of us saw it coming. That's the thing about time. It passes without warning. And yet its also the thing that heals all wounds, changes our lives, and keeps us moving forward. 

In some ways these two years have flashed like big bolts of lightning - memories created and just as quickly gone into the memory bank.  Other times it seems like everything has progressed at a snail's pace.  Have we really looked at an open wall in the downstairs bathroom for 700 days? Funny, I don't even notice it any more...

But then we look back at pictures and think "WOW"! How in the world have we done all that?!?! While also holding multiple jobs, seeing friends, getting married, hosting parties and just living life (as my friend Lauren says, isn't that a full time job in itself?!).  

So here it is folks. The "Before & Afters". The "oohs and ahhs". The proof thats in the pudding. 

Perspective in two years time. 









Behind these photos were the long nights after our day jobs, installing can lights and wiring; the Saturday's spent digging footings and carrying 20 sheets of sheetrock up the stairs; the groundhogs caught; the tears I cried at the overwhelming moments and chaos this house added to our lives; and the pure joy of putting the final coat of paint on the moldings.  

Every inch of this house we have transformed. Ourselves. Not many people can say that.   

And I am grateful for this experience, this opportunity, this overwhelming pride. 

Two years never looked so good. 

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