Sunday, June 21, 2015

Top 5 House Loves

There are a lot of things in our home that I love.  Family heirlooms, trinkets from memorable experiences, photographs of events long gone but not forgotten, and pieces my husband has built with his own two hands.

That's the difference between a house and a HOME. Minimalism versus these things bring me conflict sometimes, but mostly they bring me joy. They define our style, our space, our little world in these 4 walls.

For two whole years our house has been a construction zone.  Sometimes in the midst of tearing out walls and navigating the sea of tools, I look to a few items for normalcy. Things that are just FUN - not sheetrock, wiring or insulation! (For the record, putting up sheetrock is NEVER fun).

These are a few of my house loves that keep me sane with all these house renovations.

Anchor Hooks | Chateau & Bungalow in Newport, RI

Wall Sconce | Barn Light Electric

Dunes Painting | Meadow Brooks Studio in Westport, MA

Rope Knot Lamp  | Pottery Barn

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