Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Today is a hopeful day. The kind of day where I feel like I can conquer the world.  High hopes run through my mind: I will be a world class photographer; I will captain the most beautiful boat in the world one day; Andrew and I will have beautiful babies and live in an amazing house that we built.  Its this feeling of endless hope and boundless opportunities.

Yesterday, not so much.  Even the day before that, not so hopeful. 

Maybe its because I had a big ice coffee today and yesterday I didn’t.  Or the fact that I am home in Tiverton tonight with the love of my life who keeps me centered. Whatever the reason, we all have these up and down days, weeks or months.  They rise and fall like the tides and ebb and flow like the currents.  That may be the greatest thing I’ve learned from sailing…that sometimes things go as planned, and sometimes they don’t.  Forecasts can be wrong.  Things will inevitably break and sometimes the wind will die.  How true this is of life.

And still I find myself frustrated by these circumstances that I cannot control.  I would think that after all these years of sailing and then teaching sailing, I would come to assume that, well, shit happens.  But it is days like today that I am reminded that for each day that weighs me down, the next sunrise will bring a different day and a different me.  I think that is what keeps us all going, is it not?  The idea that tomorrow will bring something new and erase yesterday’s crap.

I think Albert Einstein had it right...

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