Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweet Solitude

Sorry to disappoint, this post may seem boring in comparison to the last, but to me it is a little slice of heaven - no home projects, no dead animals and no slave driver Andrew...JUST ME:)

I love hydrangea season. My favorite. 
I used to relish at the idea of pure, uninterrupted alone time. Whether it be traveling, a good book to read, or a Sunday afternoon.  In fact I used to prefer it.  For the past two years I have done a 180.  I now prefer company and the surroundings of those I love.  I have to admit that the idea of solitude and time away from Andrew for the summer has terrified me.  It has been a dread in the pit of my stomach - not wanting to leave him, our new house, and the life we have created together in Rhode Island.  But, girls gotta make a living.

If I told you this was my place for the summer, would you not hate me?!
And so this week has been a welcome surprise - sweet solitude.  The past two months have been a blur - weddings in Virginia, moving, house renovations, job prospects, keeping up with friends and starting our own businesses, blah blah blah.  It was like coming in on the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz when I arrived on the ferry to Nantucket.  Nantucket has a way of doing that - welcoming you bACK.

Thanks Stephanie for the book it! 
The last few days have been time to unwind, enjoy the summer breeze and just BE.  I can feel the knots coming out of my shoulders and the worries melting away.  This chance to reconnect with myself and actually enjoy the summer is here.  I have read books, taken walks on the beach, tried to erase my body's white glow and caught up with my photography work.

Dionis Beach at sunrise
Hello Morning
We all need this time. This time to unwind, catch our breaths and be good to ourselves.  This week has been my opportunity.  I know after this week I will be working 7 days a week and then some.  But for now, I am enjoying this solitude and time to reflect, refresh and renew.

Nantucket fog

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