Thursday, June 13, 2013

Raccoons and McDonalds

Andrew's living hell is small spaces and lots of people.  The thought of getting coffee from a Starbucks on a Sunday morning or playing in a ball pit at McDonalds sends him into anxiety overload. Fair enough.  The germs in the ball pit send me into germophobia orbit. We all have our things.

So this week we have had to tackle wiring, insulation, and strapping on the ceiling in the back living room.  Its hard to believe that slightly over a week since we moved a big trailer from VA to RI we have accomplished so much on the house, our 2 startup businesses and current work schedules and commitments.  Did I mention that we are working 19 hour days?!?!  Talk about burning the candle at both ends.

So back to the question you are all asking...what do raccoons and McDonalds have in common? Well, underneath the back living room is a crawl space.  And in that crawl space is the master wire (I am probably saying it wrong) that was, wait for it, done incorrectly by one of the previous owners.  We have at this point more or less rewired the entire back of the house...and by "we" I mean Andrew.

12 hours of sweating, debating, and bargaining with me about going into the crawl space ensues.  For one because of the anxiety of the small space, but mostly because of the raccoon that Andrew is convinced lives in the crawl space and is going to jump out and give him rabies.

This is literally terrifying to him.

And a total laughing matter to me.  So supportive Maria.

So the whole time Andrew is under there fixing the wires I am chatting to him, telling him the noises he hears is birds and trying to assure him that he will not get rabies.  All the while laughing at the fact that whoever "tried to" insulate the pipes under the back room failed miserably.



Notice the taped wiring in the upper right hand part of the wall

Did I mention that our fireplace leaks water?  And that the sellers LIED about it?!

So our next challenge is sheet rock, french doors and windows.  Hopefully it won't involve raccoons, but I'm sure we'll have a surprise.

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