Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dryer Kill

When your boyfriend comes to you while you are reading in bed and says, "you might want to grab a trash bag, gloves, a face mask and maybe your camera because I think I know why the dryer smells" you know your night just took a turn.

I can't even make this shit up.  Four days ago I asked Andrew why the dryer wasn't drying.  Turns out our dryer is from like 1980 and I was unfamiliar with the lint trap.

This was also the day I heard some weird noises in the basement and thought it was the raccoon under the living room.  Then today I went to do my last bit of laundry before Nantucket and was appalled at the smell in the dryer. I am telling you it was rank, but I figured it maybe was the blanket that Andrew left in there from three days ago that was still damp. WRONG.

Instead of road kill we have dryer kill. The poor fellah found his way into the dryer vent and we cooked him...literally.  I have never NOT wanted to do something as much as I did not want to unveil that animal from the hose in the vent.  You can imagine the scene - Andrew with pliers trying to get it out, me screaming and half closing my eyes like we are in a horror movie.  And then us laughing hysterically about not wanting to throw up from the smell.  There is only one other time Andrew and I have laughed so hard - when I totally botched his lemon meringue birthday pie (for the 2nd year in a row I might add) and he was spitting out seeds and lying about how good it was.

And then we started wondering if we could sell the dryer with the preface that there might be a unique scent that lingers here and there.  Any takers?!? Anyone...

Ironically enough we had looked at washers and dryers at Home Depot just 2 days ago. I of course thought it was an unnecessary purchase as ours are old but work fine.

Guess we're getting a new dryer.

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