Sunday, July 14, 2013

30 Hours in "America"

This week I had a bit of a reprieve from work and got to take advantage of the after 4th of July lull. I packed up way too much stuff and got on a ferry bound for "America".  Andrew picked me up in Hyannis and I got to spend 30 hours at HOME.  How wonderful it is to actually have a HOME of my own.  It may not seem like much at the moment with our mismatched walls, peeling wallpaper, and assortment of "hand-me-down" furniture, but to me, it is an oasis and retreat to a place I love.  Andrew of course put up welcoming flowers in every room - hydrangeas from our yard and these beautiful sunflowers - you can't ask for much more in life!

With a few more days before Andrew and Spartan come out to Nantucket, he has been working around the clock in my absence.  The back living room is really making progress.  Andrew put up all the primer and "Lazy Gray" paint, as well as cove molding and "Ice Cube" for the trim.  Left on the list for this room is trim around the doors and windows, painting the radiators, designing and making the new mantel, and decorating! The decorating part is of course my favorite! Luckily for us my parents will be staying in the house for 2 weeks while we are away and bringing up some furniture I had made from Virginia. This back living room is going to be a tranquil retreat in no time!! 

New dimmers and thermostat

BEFORE - sliding doors

AFTER - French Doors & Loving the "Lazy Gray" with "Ice Cube"

Did I also mention that we have a beautiful new washer and dryer?!?  Thanks to Andrew's MORE than generous sister who helped us buy these beauties, we now don't have to go around smelling like dead animal.  I'd say that's progress...

When I come back August 1 to shoot a wedding, I think I'll bring some laundry home just to try it out:)

New Washer & Dryer with new plumbing, vent and wiring!  
In just that short 30 hours that I was home, my whole level of happiness went up tenfold.  Not that I have been unhappy in Nantucket by any means.  I guess sometimes it just takes the people you love, good food, and a piece of HOME to make you feel whole again.

Oysters & Beer at the BoatHouse in Tiverton

Lunch at the Shipyard with Uncle Dandy and Piggy


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