Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Living Room Reveal

I honestly can NOT believe the day has come. The day where I can admit that my living room is more or less complete (ok, 1/2 the molding is painted, but who's counting!). It has made many transformations over the years - gone are the days of yellow sponge paint, fogged out windows, and textured ceilings. It's been almost 3 years in the making, but my passion for all things navy, white and green have come together in this great space.

This living room has become one of my favorite rooms in our house. I crave the natural light that floods through those four windows each morning as I tip toe downstairs to grab my first cup of something hot. The soft dreamy morning sifts in and awakens our house.  I like to sit in our stuffed arm chairs and gather my thoughts for the day. We are so lucky to have this room - a place where memories come together. The classic navy & white arm chairs that were a wedding gift to us from my dear godmother and were passed down from her loving parents. The side table that was my grandmother's small kitchen table that I remember eating hard boiled eggs from as a child in my slippers. And the paintings that I've received as gifts in the last few years that remind me of my love for the sea and the beach.

In the evening I can sit by the windows and watch the sun melt away with the day - it usually rewards me with shocking pinks and purples and a bursting sun setting over the rooftop of the street's gazebo. It is magical. Every. Single time. I think that view alone could sell our house when the time comes.

When Andrew and I moved to a life ashore, I never imagined we'd put our duffle bags in a closet and pick up a hammer for 2 1/2 years. Some days (ok most days!) I have cursed this house and prayed someone would take it back. I have been weary and tired and doubtful that all our hard work would be worth it in the end.  But days like today, these are days that I have smiled and thought, "we did it".


Roman Shades | Windows By Melissa on Etsty

Navy & White Arm Chair Fabric | U-Fab in Richmond, VA 

Monogrammed Pom-Pom Pillow | Pottery Barn Kids

Green & White Pillows | Home Goods

Rope Knot Lamp | Pottery Barn

Small Coffee Table | Consignment at Chateau & Bungalow

Artwork | Meadow Brooks Studio

Wall Paint | Sherwin Williams "Navy Blue"

Trim Paint | Sherwin Williams "Pure White"

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  1. I'll have to tell my wife about the beautiful roman shades from Windows by Melissa.


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