Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nautical Table Reveal

My husband would never brag, gloat, or give himself any recognition of any kind for any of his work or accomplishments. He is humble like that. 

Humility is not my strongest suit, however, so I do the bragging for him. And this table he just finished…it deserves all the bragging rights. 

This custom nautical table is a focal piece for his up and coming business, AC Grayling.  First and foremost a wooden boat builder, Andrew has taken the sleek curves, and woods, and applied them to some of his new furniture ideas. I am so proud of him and where his vision is taking him. I mean, check out the shots of this table…the detail…the uniqueness in it! 

A whole lot of attention to detail went into the top of this table (I mean, it was in our garage for about a year!). He formed a mahogany center king plank for the middle and then steam bent strakes of teak around it to look like the deck of a boat. For those of us who aren't builders of any kind, this requires a steam box, many many clamps, and a hell of a lot of patience. The white oak legs were steam bent to make a nice gentle curve too. Honestly I think the legs are sexiest part. 

The client he designed this for has a gaggle of kids and loves to entertain. He designed it for 10-12 guests at 9 feet long and 4 1/2 feet wide. The client wanted a durable, sturdy, unique outdoor table, and with the varnished mahogany and teak I'd say she got it! 

And just for the record…it took 3-4 grown ass men to carry this thing from the truck to the lawn for the photo shoot. He may have gone a bit overboard with the "sturdy" element:) 


"Distinctive furniture for the nautical enthusiast" - I think this table fits the bill.
I am bursting with pride and in awe of my hubby's creativity, talent and vision - I just wish that table was sitting in my dining room and not on somebody's deck right now! 

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