Friday, July 31, 2015

Can't Live Without It: Chip Faced

I am addicted to ice cream.

Let me be more specific. 

I am addicted to mint chocolate gelato. 

Pure and simple. The combination of mint, chocolate, and smooth churned milk is perfection.  I crave this refreshing dessert often. In fact, I crave it all. the. time.

I find myself again and again getting chip faced. 

As I sit here writing this confession, I am pounding my second "small" container of mint gelato. I told myself I would be good. I would start this "low dairy, low sugar" diet like 2 days ago. It will go straight to my butt and thighs. My mind does NOT care. The threat of larger thighs outweighs the gelato crush every time. 

I also tell myself that this gelato is WAYYYY better for me because 

       a. it's homemade and involves no preservatives
       2. I picked the mint from our garden myself (it's practically a vegetable!)
       c. I have been eating salads just about every day for lunch AND dinner (cue the 2nd helping of      

I just have to share this amazing recipe with everyone because seriously it is that good. You can thank me later…

Recipe courtesy of Food Network's Curtis Stone 

So there you have it folks, mint chocolate gelato, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! You can find me sitting couch side, watching Hulu re-runs of The Good Wife, getting chip faced.  

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