Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Master Bathroom Renovations

The dumpster has been order. Sledgehammer pulled out. "Before" pictures taken. Outdoor shower commissioned. Budget planned and ideas pinned. Sounds like its about time for another project at the Coughlins!

The Upstairs Bathroom Renovation starts in T minus 1 day…

1 day until our house becomes a construction zone. Again. Until walls are ripped down, wiring exposed and our house becomes a dust bowl.  I am pumped for this project - it is just about the only thing I wanted done to this house. Two years later and 8 rooms down, this ugly duckling is going to turn into a swan. Goodbyeeeee red laminate countertops, awkward cabinets, speckled floor and gross shower.

Hellooooo airy, crisp, new, dreamy bathroom...

Bathroom Remodel

It'll be a long time until these ideas come to fruition, but a girl can dream, right?! 

Have any great ideas for our new bathroom? Any secrets to renovating a small bathroom space?

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  1. I loved banging up our first bathroom with the sledgehammer. It was all black. Ask your Dad! It was on the first floor so we just put the debris in the wheelbarrow and rolled it out the front door. I can't remember what happened to it after that because I don't remember a dumpster. I just remember how satisfying it was to tear it apart. Have fun with it, Maria!


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