Saturday, October 11, 2014

For Our VIPs

The condition of our original guest room gave me the creeps. The first time we had guests I cringed at the thought of them having to endure this mauve sponge painted, flower bordered room complete with  nipple lamp and textured popcorn ceiling. In fact, we had multiple guests staying at our house this time last year for Andrew's 40th and in the midst of everything I insisted that the flower border be removed. I could not stand the sight of it.for one. more. day. Seriously. Heinous.


This guest room was the spring project. Andrew broke out the crow bar, Budweiser and demoed the room while I was working in the Caribbean. He brought it back to studs and unearthed some time capsule treasures hiding in the walls, and the usual scary wiring and uninsulated walls. No huge surprises with this one. In a matter of a few days he had the place rewired, insulated, installed 4 can lights, new window installed, midget window removed, and sheetrock hung. Old hat.

This summer we worked many nights to get this room to its final state. A week to refinish the floors. A new, smaller closet design. We settled on "Rainwashed" by Sherwin Williams for the walls. A gender neutral color for one day when this room is transformed into a nursery (no time too soon!!).  Over time the room came to be complete - the lamps we bought from One Kings Lane, the dresser from my godmother's storage unit, the mirror a fabulous find from Chateau & Bungalow in Newport, and the bed side tables from an antique store.

It is not 100% finished in terms of decorating, but it is a hell of a change from this time last year!

And the best part of it all? The VIP towels. Our guests are definitely VIP at 82 Middle Ave. Just don't expect breakfast in bed...

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