Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Great Expectations

I set my expectations high. I always have. I think it has lead me to a lot of my successes in life. Sometimes though these high expectations create disappointment. Andrew has seen these disappointments first hand at times and pointed them out. And so for 3 years now I have been working to set reasonable expectations. Ones that leave me encouraged not discouraged.

My wedding was no different.

In fact, I had set high expectations but also had figured there would be a reality in it all. We had a lot on the line, mostly in regards to weather. We had picked an island, in the middle of Newport harbor, with next to no "rain plan".  There were a lot of logistics with ferries, buses, and locations. I knew at one point or another our day might not meet my expectations or go as planned.

These wedding magazines, blogs, pinterest and people surrounding us set this high expectation as well. Lots of pressure and assumptions that it would be the best day of our lives. That is a pretty high standard in my book. There are a lot of days in this life (hopefully) and stamping it as the best day of our lives seemed a little intimidating even to a perfectionist like me.

But you know what happened?  Our wedding day surpassed all my expectations. It went exactly as planned and more. Every single thing about our wedding day and week (we really made the whole celebration last!) was above and beyond anything I have ever dreamed of. I looked at Andrew yesterday and said…"I was that Newport bride. We had that Newport wedding. The one in the magazines. The ones that people dream of."

The weather was 65 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, with 12-14 knots from the north. The flowers, the cake, the two cruises throughout Newport harbor on a pristine antique yacht, the bridesmaid dresses, the boutonnieres, the little details, the sparklers, the Matunuck oysters, my groom more handsome than ever, the lighthouse, the lobsters, the Scout as our getaway…it was all perfect…it was all US…it went off without a hitch. I married the man of my dreams and we felt more in love than ever.

But you know what really blew my expectations out of the park? The People. 

For 4 full days our friends and family celebrated with us…they loved us, supported us, encouraged us, showered us, and deeply celebrated our marriage and lives together and as individuals. These people in our lives…wow, we are lucky. I felt utterly and completely humbled by this love we were given.

We knew that the people would be the most important part of our day, which is why we wanted a smaller wedding. Andrew and I may not have hundreds and hundreds of close friends, but the friends we do have, they are the best that we could ever ask for.  I have truly never felt so loved by so many people at once as I did this past week. It was absolutely incredible and I don't ever know how to thank them all for making it so special. These people that we love, they were the greatest of expectations.

I don't know that our wedding day was or is the best day of my life, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was the most perfect day in every way.

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