Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Day at Brimfield

If you are from New England you have probably heard about Brimfield.  It is a MUST see for everyone who loves antiques, people watching, and rare finds.

Located in a quaint New England town, Brimfield is the largest outdoor antique show in the country! Vendors line the streets in tents for over half a mile and are selling everything you can imagine. Fine antiques, shabby chic, old school collectibles, salvaged rustic pieces, nautical everything, and tons of pure junk.  They hold the show 3 times a year: May, July and September with May being their biggest show of them all.  Vendors and visitors alike come from all over the country and world to haggle & bargain for these fabulous antiques.

I had my first Brimfield experience last year and was completely and utterly overwhelmed. I loved every second of it. This time Andrew came with me and we had a list. I learned my lesson last year…bring a list…have a purpose…make a plan. Otherwise you will walk around Brimfield in a state of stupor and buy all kinds of crap that you don't need and probably is over priced.

I wasn't overly impressed with the selection this year, but we did not come away empty handed! We bought a cool galvanized bucket for the bocce set, 2 rustic frames to hang in the office, and a desk that we plan to turn into my makeup/jewelry spot.

If you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island or even Connecticut and are looking for something for your Sunday Funday, I highly recommend Brimfield! It's the last show of the season folks, get your antiques!

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