Monday, October 7, 2013

Not Your Typical Monday

Whether you read my blog because you are my mother or because you need some comic relief in your everyday lives or you are a new homeowner and like to feel better about your situation by reading mine, let me tell you a little something about


Today should have been your typical Monday morning. It started out that way. I had my cup of tea, worked on my photography a bit before Andrew woke up and then started the house projects promptly at 9:34am. 

We drilled on the sill frame for the side deck, caulked the radiators and molding (yes, this project is still ongoing, I too cannot believe it), and tried one last ditch effort to get the big radiator to stop leaking by applying 5200 boat sealer.  I was feeling productive. I decided it would be nice of me to help Andrew clean out the garage so that his shop could start to look more like a shop. 

A little disclosure: I have a bitter taste in my mouth for the sellers.  I know, its been 4 months since closing but I still despise them.  Today only intensified this feeling. As we are cleaning out all of THEIR old crap from the garage that they so kindly left for us in the rafters, I am telling Andrew that I am going to send them a bill.  It will be itemized with 2 dumpster costs, our cleaning costs and a nice f*& you and thank you. As I'm mouthing off, Andrew hands me an old roll of tar paper. Since we had just taken off the old tar paper on the side of the house I turned it upside down and as I was asking if we should keep it...

SURPRISE!!  5 BABY MICE came out and scurried on the floor next to my feet. 

I proceeded to scream, run out in the driveway (still screaming) yelling profanities and waving my arms in the air. 

And then I think I threw up in my mouth. 

Shocked would not even begin to describe this situation. Sheer terror is more like it. Andrew of course is standing on the ladder looking at me...baffled...and holding a dead mouse from the shelf.  These were not the happy go lucky "three blind mice" we sang about as kids...

We can now add MICE to the 82 Middle Ave Relocation Program

**On a good note, I just learned how everyone else in the world writes on their photos. Yes, I am a technology tard. Thank you "Preview" for giving me entertainment in the face of disgust.**

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