Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pinterest Addiction

My name is Maria. I am addicted to Pinterest. The last time I was on Pinterest was 10 minutes ago.

Seriously, they should have PA meetings. I don't know which is worse, the Facebook or Pinterest addiction. I totally rationalize it with Andrew, who of course, thinks I am addicted. In fact he told me this months ago.

Here is my rationalization for Pinterest....

One - I'm not buying anything. I am merely browsing and coming up with great ideas of things I could buy or make myself. I am actually curbing my retail therapy itch by putting things in my basket ("board") and my bank account is not suffering! Yay!!

Truth of the matter: Lets be honest, I would never be able to make any of those diy things myself and would end up buying them in the end.  Or I pick out things I love and put them on my boards and THEN go buy them later. So really, I'm just prolonging my retail therapy itch.

Two - It's less judgemental and stalkerish than Facebook. All I'm doing is looking at ideas for my house, parties, food to cook and clothes to wear. I'm not looking at anyone's picture of what they did last week, where they vacationed or what they had for dinner last night (seriously people, NO ONE cares when you make posts like that!!).

Truth of the matter: People are still judging you, me included. They are liking and disliking your "pins" - thinking to themselves, wow, that is one ugly front door, I hope she isn't going to do that one!! My favorite is learning that someone is thinking about having a baby. You can totally tell...all they pin are baby things and ideas for how to raise a child.

Three - Its a productive time waster. I think it's productive because I am gathering ideas and organizing my thoughts for different rooms of my house, parties to host and food to try and not ruin for dinner.  To me its an organization tool. I find what I like and don't like.

Truth of the matter: All electronic devices are time wasters, ESPECIALLY websites like Facebook and Pinterest.  Once upon a time we had books that wasted time...but that was actually a good least you learn something from most books.

But here's the thing...I don't care about my rationalizations or the real truth of Pinterest because...

I still love it and am allowed one time waster in my life:)

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