Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tool Time

We had 4 tv channels growing up if you don't count the fuzzy grey one with the annoying buzzing sound.  As you can imagine we were limited to the cheesy wholesome shows or daytime soaps.  So after dinner we used to gather around and watch HOME IMPROVEMENT.  Anyone remember Tim the Toolman Taylor, Jill, dorky Mark, dreamy JTT and Bradddd and the weird neighbor Nelson?!

Well about 5 hours after Andrew and I moved into our new house, we began demoing the back living room. I'm talking crow bars, safety goggles and massive floor lights - of course I am in my pearls the whole time - go figure.  I felt like Heidi, Tim's assistant, without the Daisy Duke jean shorts.

After an hour or so of prying off ply wood, sheet rock and nails, Andrew pointed out that I grunt. Yep, that's right, I grunt when I am doing manly work. And all I could think of was "Tim the Toolman Taylor" and his grunting sessions with his sons.  Very attractive...yes, I am aware.

This marks the start of our home improvement sessions on our new house.  It is so refreshing to have someone who has renovated houses in the past - sure does save time and m$$ney!!  It also allows me to learn the ins and outs of home improvements.  I learned a LOT about what NOT to do from Tim, but hopefully I'll learn a lot of what to do from Andrew.

Stay tuned on the blog for updates on more grunting tool time!

The first night in our house and the night we decided to demo this back living room
Removing the lovely wall paper from the wood paneling
Trying my hand at taking off wood paneling and trim

Wood paneling and old sheet rock off the walls and ceiling...down to the studs

Finding all kinds of goodies late this night...a window left in by the previous remodelers, a leaking base board and wood paneling glued to the sheet rock

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  1. That is such a Maria house. I don't know about you, but I love demolition work. I love swinging the sledgehammer, I love the crow bar, and I especially love hauling the debris out. It is almost as satisfying as when you get to the part where you put a jar of flowers in the new space. I even sort of like to paint, if someone else will clean my brush. It will be interesting to find out which parts you love. Penny


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