Friday, May 17, 2013

Homeowner's Club

We are homeowners.  A whole entire house belongs to Andrew and I.  This seemingly grownup thing you do, buying a house, I am now a part of the club. It is thrilling, terrifying, uplifting and suspenseful all at the same time. We LOVED this cedar shingle New England home from the minute we saw it.  What's not to love about a house 1 block from the water and just voted as one of the best streets in Rhode Island to live on!?

Mostly what I feel though, a sense of ownership.  I have basically only owned duffle bags, bathing suits, journals and toothbrushes up until now.

In this whole buying a house thing for the past two months, my one concern has been....the lawnmower. Yep, you heard it.  Not the x@#$&* loan that will span 30 YEARS!!  Not the homeowner's insurance, closing costs, inspections, initial expenses and stresses from the not so nice sellers- though now I am completely and utterly overwhelmed at the fact that I am broke.  Hindsight really is 20/20.

But yes, the idea of buying a house meant to me that we needed to buy a vacuum cleaner, silverware, and a lawn mower. For someone who has lived on a boat or in someone else's house for the last 5 years (disregarding college years) this is a BIG STEP in grown up life!!  It is mind boggling to a yachtie to think you will ever have to buy such a device.  I literally laughed at people for having their house and mowing the lawn on Saturdays - Oh, the irony.

So literally, I keep bringing up the lawn mower.  Andrew comes home last week after work with great news.  There is a fire engine red lawn mower for sale at Home Depot with our name on it.  You can then imagine my excitement and relief at putting that shiny lawnmower into the back of the truck.

Now understand that we will be asking people to BYOC or BYOP if they want to come over for any length of time to our house - bring your own chair or plate or...We have none of these things. BUT....

We have a lawnmower:)

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