Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

Spring is here in Newport. FINALLY. It has been sunny for 4 days straight now with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees.              


I cannot even begin to describe my excitement for this season and all that comes with it.  As a New England newbie I am learning to appreciate and enjoy these four distinct seasons. I am now TOTALLY and completely grasping why people love to live here.  Aside from the beautiful scenery and historic seafaring towns, Rhode Island boasts four lovable seasons.  Where I grew up in Virginia there were two seasons: Summer and Winter, and to be honest, looking back, neither were really that enjoyable seasons. The summers are hot as hell and the winters are damp and not accessible to good winter sports.  Newport in spring is inspiring - you should all come for a visit....the daffodils and dogwood trees are in full bloom, the sea breeze fills in around 10:30am leaving just enough time for a tranquil paddle boarding session early in the morning, and the streets come alive by afternoon with people browsing the local shops and eating ice cream cones on the park benches.  I don't know where all these people came from all of a sudden, but the excitable energy and vibe is contagious.

Back in November when the weather had taken on the epitome of New England fall, Andrew and I decided to institute "Sunday Funday".  For us it has either meant exploring Rhode Island and the surrounding areas together or encouraging one another in pursuing hobbies on Sunday. It all started out with a memorable trip to Westerly, Rhode Island via Narragansett on a crisp but beautiful Sunday.  The towns were shut down from Hurricane Sandy and preparing for the harsh winter ahead.  It was exactly the time to see that part of the state - in its most pristine state with no tourists to damage the views.  We ended the afternoon at a brew pub that featured soft pretzels, beer and high top tables with gluten free options - it was heaven!  Throughout the winter we tried our best to get out and about despite the blizzards, temperatures in the teens and grayness.  Andrew helped me most Sundays (when I hadn't escaped!) launch my laser at Sail Newport and go out for a few fun races in the harbor.  But now that spring is here, we are taking Sunday Funday a bit more seriously.

Even though we have 6 weeks until the start of summer and our jobs, Andrew and I both recognize that time is not on our sides. We need to do what we want NOW, for there is no time LATER.   Today meant a morning paddle through Newport harbor and over to the war college, just to get the body going.  Then we headed across the Pell and Jamestown bridges to Exeter, RI.  We took a 2 hour hike through the Arcadia Park to Breakheart Pond for a little sweat and camaraderie to celebrate the first day of wearing shorts.  And what's not to love about going to Ben's Chili Dogs for a cold soda and a chili cheese dog afterwards?!   I can now say I have been to this fine establishment in Newport - remember, cash only!  And then to top it all off I gave my car a nice bath.  As far as I'm concerned, THAT my friends is a Sunday Funday.

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