Friday, April 5, 2013

Self Portraiture

Last and final Intro to photography class. Check. 

First attempt at real self portraiture. Check. Check. 

Learning that it is much much harder to take creative self portraits than you thought. 
Check check check. 

I really enjoyed this last shooting assignment. I found it incredibly challenging to get the camera to focus on ME rather than other things in the background while I waited for the timer. I took a few photos each day for 4-5 days just to make sure I didn't embarrass myself in class.  I was so focused on making my pictures a representation of myself and my personalities.  Sometimes the more simple shots are the best ones. Practice makes perfect I suppose. 

3rd Beach

Ice Cream Love


When I used to work at Sail Caribbean we used to do feedback circles and at the end we would say our "take home point".  As "touchie feelie" as it may be, I have come to use the term in everyday life as a way to focus on the most important aspect of what I'm learning or doing.

Take Home Point: "Every picture that you take is a reflection of yourself, whether you are in the picture or not. Each photo is a representation of your ideas, creativity, style and shows who you are because you took the photograph!

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