Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote for America

I'm not one to discuss politics. In fact, I've never really been that interested in the topic, regardless of my father's strong views.  Sure, I have my feelings on the economy and social issues, but I don't feel the need to broadcast them. It's kind of like religion to me...keep it to yourself. We all have our opinions, strong or weak, and why does the whole world need to know?!

As with many people across the country, I've been struggling with this election. Frankly, I am so disgusted with our candidates and this election process that I do not think either candidate is worthy of the White House. I will never understand why we only get 2 options and both are pitiful. But that is not for me to decide...apparently this is the best America can come up with, so we must cast our vote regardless.

But here's the thing, I haven't been sure I wanted to cast a vote at all. I know, I know, "so unAmerican of me", "how about your civil responsibilities?", "every vote counts" and the list goes on. I keep going back and forth. Over the last few months I've joined the "vote for the lesser evil" idea which is literally the worst reason in my opinion to vote for someone. Then I jump on the bandwagon of supporting the candidate who I agree with on the economic front, because I personally don't see how social issues are included in politics in the first place. And then I go back to not voting at all because I just cannot consciously vote for either person as the next leader of our country.

This morning I woke at 5:30am and rolled over to grab my phone. I briefly scrolled through social media and came to this article by YellowHammer.  I read the article twice (and I recommend you do the same). There was no backstabbing, no name calling and no leaning to one side or the other.  Just the plain hard truth that whether I vote today or not, Hillary or Trump will be become our next President.  It brought to light for me the reason to cast my vote today. Not for Hillary and not for Trump, but for the people that stand behind them and the ones they'll vote in to make our big decisions as a country.

"The only way you can possibly vote this time and have it matter is to vote for the America in which you wish to live." 

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