Monday, November 2, 2015

Moneypit Monday: Front Exterior Reveal

The last Moneypit Monday we had was back in JUNE. Insert horrified emoji here. 

But, TODAY, I am bringing back Moneypit Monday because we have an exciting face lift to show off. A face lift that was 1 year and 8 months and 2 days in the making. One that required lots of new materials, fighting off swarms of bees, climbing ladders, installing windows, kicking out bird tenants, nailing up 10 bundles of shingles and the inevitable blood, sweat and tears.

But we had a vision. And we made it a reality.

We are thrilled to finally reveal the FINISHED front of our house!

So you may ask…how in the hell did it take you 1 year, 8 months and 2 days?????

Don't worry, we ask the same thing some times. But then, we go back and look at all the photos I've taken to document the process and instantly remember. It's like a time capsule. And these things take time. And money. And patience. And they all fit together like a puzzle.

Here's our time capsule in the front of the house…

March 2014: Removal of big pine tree & yard cleanup
Removal of front porch due to ROT & POOR CONSTRUCTION
June 2014: New Stone Walkway out onto the driveway

June - September 2014: Completion of porch, tyvek & shingling on the lower half
November 26, 2014: Replacement of Picture Window
Summer 2015: Staging, shingling & trim 
September 2015: Removal & replacement of all shingles & trim on upper half
Young, Eager & Oblivious
Older, Wiser & Accomplished
You know that song by Sam Cooke - "A Change is Gonna Come"??  It's been a long time coming... 

But some things are just worth the wait. We have experienced so much through this house and all its different forms. Our marriage has become stronger. Our patience strengthened. Our wallet emptied. And our eagerness dulled and then revived again.

Just like the house's appearance, we have gone through many stages in this renovation and in our life. It all takes time…a lot of love…a team mentality…some bumps in the road…some victories...and a vision.

I'm pretty proud of how this vision turned out.

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  1. Wow! The house looks beautiful - just beautiful!! Congrats lady, a year and some change well spent, because the finish project looks amazing!


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