Friday, October 2, 2015

Up, Up, and Away

Somehow 365 days came and went. Without warning. Without this big pomp and circumstance.

A year of marriage.  

It has now come and gone. This first year they say is the hardest. But what does that mean?? Sure, it had its ups and downs, just like any other year. We had our "moments", but you know what? We had so so many sweet times together that wove themselves into this unforgettable web. This web that I know will only grow stronger and more intricate and more lively with time.  And I'm pretty sure the hardest years of marriage are yet to come. So I for one am appreciating and celebrating the beauty and simplicity in this first year of marriage.

And to celebrate, we went "up, up, and away" in a hot air balloon in Quechee, Vermont.  It was a bucket list item. One we both could agree on.  A must for anyone who wants to experience the quiet and beauty of nature.  It was the best way for us to celebrate one year of Mr. and Mrs.

Up, up and away we are on our way to Year 2! 

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