Friday, March 20, 2015

Date Night: Sushi Style

Happy Friday everyone!!

Whew, its been a long week and with this snow on the way for the first day of spring, I'd say its a great night for a date night. Andrew and I are headed to Burlington, Vermont to ski for the weekend, but I wanted to share an awesome idea for a date night that we've now done twice.

We LOVE sushi. Fresh fish, fresh veggies, soft rice and yummy sake. What's not to like?! After being gone for over a month this winter, we have been wanting to hang around our house most weekends. So  I came up with a fun sushi date night.

Here's how we put this all together…(please ignore the ugly quality iPhone photos…)

Ingredients: Fish (salmon, shrimp, tuna etc.), Cucumber, Mango, Chives, Asparagus, soy sauce, sushi rice, wasabi, and sliced ginger. 

I ordered the nori sheets off Amazon. The rest of the ingredients are from our grocery store or the Asiana Food Market in Providence, RI. 

This rice cooker from Amazon has changed our world. The rice is done to PERFECTION!! 

Slice it all up nice and small. Make sure to have everything ready before you roll. 

I also ordered this Bamboo Sushi Rolling Kit from Amazon. Great buy! 

Line it all up with a few items. Then roll with the bamboo mat! 

Sake bombs: Shot glass of sake and a half glass of beer. Place your chopsticks on top of the beer glass, then your sake on top of that. Bang the counter/table and say, "Sakeeee bomb!" Drink it up. 

Did you know soy sauce is 40% wheat?! We go for the gluten free version, 100% soy sauce.

Yum! Sashimi!

Such a great night to eat some fresh, delicious food in the comforts of your own home:) Hope you guys have a great weekend! Let me know how your sushi date night goes!!! 

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