Monday, November 3, 2014

"Stay Moon"

I have to be honest about something…

I DO NOT understand how in the world brides & grooms go on their honeymoon right after the wedding.

The day after our wedding I was a tired, crying heap of emotions with no energy or goals to achieve. If someone had asked me to get on a plane, let alone explore and navigate a new country, I would have run the other way crying and flailing my arms. 

Seriously though, that is the honest to God truth. 

Luckily for us, our honeymoon destination's rainy season just so happens to be in September & October. It also happens to be two of the best months in New England. And a still fairly busy work season for both of us. So, we have postponed our honeymoon for the two worst months in New England: January & February. Yep, that's right, we are escaping the polar vortex and heading to Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam for 4 whole weeks! 

But you can't get married and then just return to real life immediately, right?!  We started wedded bliss with a 3 day "Stay Moon".  I highly recommend it. If you are like us, life is crazy and you rarely spend time in your home or state just relaxing and exploring without a purpose. 

We spent our "Stay Moon" exploring a few neighboring towns in Rhode Island & Massachusetts, slept 12 glorious hours each night, rehashed the wedding weekend again and again and again, and just enjoyed BEING together at our home. Here is a quick recap & a few recommendations. 


These sweet seaside towns are in our backyard and we still hadn't explored them. The head of the Little Compton harbor was filled with boats, gorgeous cottages, and a yacht club. Westport had a few wildlife reserves we explored and an incredible entrance to the harbor from the ocean that was churned up on the day we went. Lunch at Partners in Westport is a must! Where else can you buy a grilled turkey pesto panini, a lamp for your desk and a cute birthday card for a friend?

To say we love Matunuck oysters would be an understatement. We found these gems at a local farmer's market last year and decided to have them at our wedding. These oysters are grown, harvested & served at Matunuck Oyster Bar in Matunuck Beach, Rhode Island. We had never been and our "Stay Moon" seemed like the best reason to drive down to the south coast & slurp some oysters by the water. It also happened to be one of the most romantic sunsets of the year. Thanks Matunuck!

This funky sounding town name had me curious. Known for it's boating harbor & affluent coastal community, this town in South Dartmouth, Mass was a cute stop for an afternoon. Cute boutiques, restaurants & coastal views. We recommend the cheeseburger at the Black Bass Grille. 

 "Stay Moon" Success. Honeymoon on the horizon! Stay Tuned...

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