Monday, August 25, 2014

Cup 'a Tea

We all have that special warm liquid that lures us out of our cozy bed and invigorates us for a new day.

For me, that is tea.

Coffee makes me crazy. Even just one cup 'a joe. Literally…CRAZY…I am focused, giddy, engaged, and off in a million directions ready to conquer the world. Then the crash. Oh the crash…usually it involves droopy eyes, a form of hangry and some tears. Not my finest.

So for me, its a cup 'a tea in the morning and sometimes an ice tea in the afternoon.

Tea seems to solve every issue in this life - camomile for sickness, peppermint for after dinner, green tea for clean living, black tea for getting through the day, ginger tea for stomach aches, etc etc.

Recently I bought this sweet tea pot at our local coffee shop Coastal Roasters.  I alternate between my favorite Chai tea from Harney & Sons and Twinings Lady Gray tea.  I am pretty much obsessed with every tea Harney & Sons makes and their chic tea canisters and pretty tea satchels.

It's amazing how a cute tea pot and my favorite polka dot mug can get me excited for a new day.

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