Friday, July 18, 2014

Monograms & Margaritas

I have a fun house update for the weekend, but in the meantime I wanted to share some special photos and memories from my wedding shower a few weeks ago.

I only wanted 1 shower…1 big fuss, 1 excuse for people to travel near and far, and 1 all out celebration. And that is exactly what I got last month! I even requested the theme. Some say you can't do that, but ladies and gentleman, I did. I've wanted a "Monograms & Margaritas" celebration ever since I was old enough to realize if I got married one day someone might throw me a fun shower. My fabulous hosts, all friends from different times in my life, went along with my idea and went above and beyond my expectations!

My dear friends Anne, Robyn & Lauren truly thought of ALL the details. They even got monogrammed cupcakes from a college friend, Cakes by Casey, and gluten free to boot!

The picture above are all my special "mamas"…each of these women mean the world to me. I felt unbelievably spoiled on this special occasion - it was a weekend to remember!

Some of my inspiration for monograms: 

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