Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Egg-cellent Weekend

Our Easter weekend looked a bit different this year. There were no easter egg hunts, fancy brunches, or even a chocolate bunny to be eaten. Instead, there were rooms to be primed, ground hogs to be caught, and dirty floors to be moped.

Eight months ago I would have moaned and groaned. I would have had an adult meltdown and had people take pity on me for missing out on Easter traditions and time with friends & family. I would have wished my time was spent doing other things (well, Sunday I kind of did…I'm a work in progress). In the past eight months I have learned that time is to be cherished.

That this time in my life might look different, but it has its own importance and moments to be treasured. Building this house with Andrew is time I hope to always look back on - not with the things I missed, but with those I gained - gratitude for hands-on, hard work; new problem-solving skills; an admiration for Andrew's carpentry skills; an appreciation for learning new skills; and a humble respect for what it takes to build a home.

Time at Middle Ave was NOT on Gary's side.

Just hours after putting out a new "Have a Heart Trap" and a fresh banana, SNAP. Gary got caught. I managed to grab a mug shot before he was whisked away. In honor of Caddy Shack, Andrew dropped him off at the local golf course across the bridge. Yep that's right. He ran across that green like he belonged.

We realized afterwards that there is a bike path entrance at the golf course that goes over the bridge back to Tiverton.  I hope Gary doesn't catch a ride across…

Again, time always looks different. This Friday night I had a hot date with some wallpaper remover, a paint roller and some "Lazy Gray".  I tackled the bathroom in hopes of making it tolerable. I hate that bathroom with a passion. It has been the #1 item in our house I want redone. Turns out projects take longer than expected, so we had to put the bathroom on hold until the late fall. I decided that I needed some paint on the walls to be able to get through the next six months. Its not much of a change, but it seems a bit better.



It wasn't just work all weekend long. On Saturday I visited the Mount Hope Farmer's Market in Bristol with my friend and had a ball. I soaked in the fresh air, warm sunshine & time away. I bought some beautiful flowers to freshen up the house. To Andrew's dismay, I bought pansies for the window box on the garage…i.e. his shop. I was told that that was not very manly or the proper thing for a wood shop - however, I came bearing a case of beer and some soil & the boys got it done. I think they spruced up the place! 

A lot of effort was also put into finishing the office this weekend. It is the kind of project that seems to be moving at a snails pace. A little bit here, a little bit there. No longer. We are done with the snail and on to the hare. We want this place DONE and back to some place of organization.

After patched in floors, 2 coats of primer, and 2 coats of ceiling paint we moved onto the walls last night. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come…

Stay tuned for more on Middle Ave

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