Saturday, March 8, 2014


I woke up this morning to birds chirping, bright beautiful natural light flooding into our bedroom and the promise of a day above 25 degrees. I can feel it. Winter is on the outs. And man are all of us around here ready for winter to get fired and spring hired. 

I got to thinking about all the things that have gotten me through my first real New England winter.  A few weeks ago I drove by a church where the billboard read, "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop." I couldn't help but laugh and smile as at that point, what else are you going to do?! This winter has sucked the life out of us - our humor, ability to enjoy the simple things, and our love of the seasons. But this billboard certainly lightened the mood. 

There are a lot of things that have certainly made the winter all the more bearable…

For the past few months, Pandora has played nonstop on my computer and on Andrew's iPhone as we work on our businesses and the house. From Bob Marley, to Allison Kraus, to Rage Against the Machine, to Van Morrison, we have heard it all.

LOTS of cups of hot tea have been consumed. Tao tea "Zen" is now a staple in our house, along with Harney & Sons and English Breakfast. Put that with a side of good book and cozy blanket - I was all set some days!

This propane stove might be the best thing in the entire house. And boy can it unleash some heat - some days I locked myself in this room and set the stove to high and baked in its warmth. Andrew would come in and say, "Feels like Florida." Exactly. my. point.

I love my bean boots, but mostly I CAN.NOT.LIVE.WITHOUT.MY.SMART.WOOL.SOCKS. If you live in the North and do not own a pair, or an entire drawer full of these gems, let me save you the trouble. Buy them. Today. My dad and I both have HORRIBLE circulation in our feet and hands - in fact just today Andrew said, "Why are your feet grey? You should get that looked into". No joke.

Well, I gave my dad 3 pairs of these socks for Christmas and he tells me about them every single time he calls. In fact, people thought I was a little weird for giving socks as a gift. Well, my friends, they are $20/pair. Verdict: WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY. 

Despite the arctic temperatures, you just cannot beat a sunset in Tiverton. 

Andrew and I have consumed more bottles of "2 Buck Chuck" from Trader Joes than I care to admit this winter. The Cabernet is our favorite and it certainly helped pass those frigid nights.

Again, Andrew and I are obsessed with the ABC series Nashville. This got us through a LOT of this polar vortex we've been living in. If you have not watched this series, I HIGHLY recommend it. Sadly enough, it motivated me to accomplish things during the day so that I could have time to watch a new episode (or two or three) on Hulu at night.

 I found these tangerine gerber daisies at Trader Joes just the other day. I plopped them in my turquoise pitcher and spent an hour photographing this pop of color and the pure joy of the simple things.

And then there are the people who have made this winter bearable. I can't imagine this winter without weekly dinners with our Tiverton friends Meriah & Kyle; lunch dates with Mary Ann and fireball Fiona; wedding dress shopping with my mom, sister & "aunt; and impromptu meet ups with old friends from idyllic summers at Sail Caribbean.

Cheers to spring y'all.

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