Monday, September 23, 2013

Relocation Program

"If you don't work here, you have to leave." This is the new motto for 82 Middle Ave seeing as we have had 3 visitors in the last week.

Gary the Groundhog.  A dead rabbit. And our new fat friend, Rocky the Raccoon. 

Rocky found his way into the trap whilst out looking for a late night snack of cucumber and salami. He shamelessly waddled out of the trap to join Gary the Groundhog in Weetamoo Woods after 10-12 hours behind bars.   Its all part of our "Relocation Program".  Maybe their other furry friends and cousins will get the message?!

After we tended to Rocky, we knocked off things on the punch list and as houses go, inevitably added more on. Its a vicious cycle I am learning. Here is the short and sweet of our 10 hour work day...

We managed to fill this 10 yard dumpster in 4 hours

Sledge hammering all the concrete so we can build our side deck
We cleared out all the crap, rotting shed and the cord of wood behind the garage
Andrew and I stacked wood as the last project of the day. Too bad it all fell down an hour later. 

After tearing open the rotting wood under our back living room, these are the brilliant posts holding up the room.  Shocking, not shocking.

TODAY - after tearing off the steps, railing, bushes and deshingling

Tyveked and ready for new shingles, insulation and non rotting wood:)

All in a days work.  Stay tuned for later this week. We will find out what animal likes pork tenderloin and red pepper and wants to join some furry friends in Weetamoo Woods!


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  1. You know that you're a Northerner when you drop the term "cord of wood"!


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