Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Star-Bellied Sneetches

First, before I embellish on the sneetches, I want to clarify something based on some responses today. When I say that I am transitioning from sea to land, I do not mean that I am giving up my love of the islands and traveling. I still would love to do charters from time to time and of course pursue my goals of traveling the ends of the earth. What I mean is that after 5 years of constantly living out of a duffle bag, I am moving to bit more permanence by way of a chest of drawers and paying rent:) Did anyone hear me say I got a regular 9 to 5?! No. Ok, whew, you scared me for a minute...

Ok, so for the Star-Bellied Sneetches...I don't know exactly what prompted Andrew to bring up these characters from the beloved children's author Dr.Suess, but the Youtube Video unfolded as Andrew mimicked it.  I had never read this book as a child, though if I did obviously it didn't make the impression that it did on Andrew. 

When you first start listening to the story its funny, like all of Dr. Seuss's works - their are ridiculous rhythming words that can never be found in the dictionary, because well they don't actually exist in reality; then there are all the yellow furry sneetches and their giant bellies, some with starts and some without.  It's all about who is superior...the star-bellied or the plain-bellied. The underlying story has a profound meaning for us adults- we try to distinguish ourselves as different, sometimes better than others by embellishing ourselves with "things", like the star-bellies.  We are so consumed as humans to have the newest technology device, the largest flat screen tv, the shiniest car, and the most fashionable clothes. In the end, all that matters is how we treat one another and come to the realization that we are all the same...human.  

That Dr. Seuss sure was a smart one!  

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